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10 Fitness Tips

Approximately 30 percent of Americans are overweight or obese and a good percentage of these people try to start a fitness program every month. However many people are inconsistent, or get discouraged and quit within the first three to six months of their exercise program.  In fact research shows that 50 percent of people who start an exercise program quit within the first 6 months. The problem is making your exercise a habit as part of your daily life. It is not easy to make something a habit. On average it takes between 30-40 times of doing something to make it an actual habit (everyone is different so it can be more or less).  This means the first 2-3 months will be difficult, and you will want to give up but if you just endure and push through it, you will see the results and be glad you stuck with it.

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Here a 10 simple tips to help you with your fitness success:

1. Get Moving
Make up your mind to start a new life. Become physically active, by getting off the couch and doing something, anything. Walk, bike, and run as long as you are doing something over doing nothing.

2. Workout
Do physical activity that requires the use of the major muscle groups, back, legs, arms, etc. Join an intramural sports team.

3. Work your muscles

Lifting weights or using resistance bands will increase muscle strength and endurance.  This will challenge your muscle and increase muscle power.

4. Stretch
Stretching is important for flexibility. Stretch before and after exercise to avoid injury and muscle soreness. Stretching increases range of motion in joints and muscles.

5. Lose weight
Everyone has an appropriate weight for the gender, and height. Maintain your weight by exercising and eating healthy. If need to lose weight, increase workouts or decrease food intake.

6. Watch What You Eat
Change your diet. Being physical fit is not just about how much you exercise. It involves what types of food you are putting into your body. Fatty foods or empty calories don’t give your body any nutrition. Swap things out of your diet to make you healthier. Switch your soda for water and chips for fruits and vegetables.

7. De-stress
Stress has a huge impact on whether we loss or gain weight. When we are stressed out we tend to eat, and eat bad foods. Then our bodies hold onto the bad foods and turn them into fat. Always, try to reduce the stress in your life. Don’t stress out over things that you can’t control.

8. Get Plenty of Rest
Eight hours of sleep is the appropriate amount of sleep for your body to rejuvenate and your mind to reboot. Some people need less and some people would sleep all day if they could. However, what’s important is to allow your body to rest and relax. Rest is important to allow our bodies to restore itself physically and your mind mentally.

9. Keep to the Task at Hand
Make time in your schedule to exercise. Make sure you actually physically write it into your schedule that way you are committing to the act of exercising. Remember consistency is key to making it a habit in your life. If this is what you want you need to do it. Make the effort to get what you want.

10. It's Your Life, Make the Change
If you want to change its your decision. But don’t commit only half way. If you have changed your diet and have started to exercise, then don’t mess it up by smoking. Its like taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back. If you are working out on a weekly schedule don’t eat fats food every night. Remember this is your life; it has to be a lifestyle change.