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Food to Include in Your Acid Reflux Diet

With acid reflux disorder there are foods that can aggravate your symptoms and there are foods that can help alleviate your symptoms. Everyone gets acid reflux from different foods and some people can eat foods that should be avoided while others get symptoms from foods that should be ok.  Eating an acid reflux diet can greatly reduce the symptoms brought on by acid reflux. These foods should not cause heartburn and acid reflux. Therefore, people suffering from acid reflux can safely consume these foods.

Fruit- Apple: fresh, dried, juice, banana, pineapple, papaya, melon, honeydew, cantaloupe, watermelon


Vegetables- Baked potato, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, green beans, peas, celery, parsley, fennel, ginger


Meat- Lean ground beef, London broil steak, skinless chicken breast, egg whites, egg substitute, fish, seafood, shrimp, lobster, shellfish


Dairy- Goat cheese, feta cheese, fat free cream cheese, fat free sour cream, low fat soy cheese


Grains- Multi grain bread, oatmeal, bran cereal, corn bread, graham crackers, pretzels, brown rice, rice cakes, couscous, bulgur wheat, whole wheat flour, Baked and fat free cookies, bran muffins


Beverages- Mineral water


Fats & Oils- Low fat salad dressing


Sweets- Fat free cookies, jelly beans, red licorice, baked potato chips