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           In today’s busy world, who has time workout besides professional athletes and people who are aspiring to be professional athletes. Unfortunately because of the sedentary lifestyle that we live our muscles become atrophied and we as a society get fatter. So like many people do, we decide to try working out. But where in our busy schedule do we fit it in? It is pretty difficult if you work 12 hour days, have kids to take care of, families to feed, a house to clean, laundry and dishes to do, there just isn’t enough time throughout the day to everything we want to do. Believe me I’ve tried it, waking up at 5am to workout before you go to work for 12 hours then come home cook dinner, feed the animals, clean the house, do the dishes and by the time you sit down you’re exhausted and its time for bed.

            Well if this sounds like you, then there has to be a better way, and quitting your job is not that way. It is recommended that you do 30 minutes of exercise everyday. Well even if you work a regular 8-hour day, I guarantee that you can do these exercises during your workday even if you spread it out over your entire workday. Although, this won’t get you drafted for the next round into the NFL, MLB, or professional body building competition, it will keep your muscles tight. It will maintain proper body weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol and muscle tonicity. These are not hard exercises but can be accomplished while sitting in front of your desk. This could be the exercise you are looking for without having to change your daily schedule.

            Do one set of each exercise in the same order. Each set should contain 10-20 repetitions. Start off low with 12 repetitions, and then every couple of days increases it. Do the same amount of repetitions in each set of exercises. Once completed do 1-2 more set of each exercises keeping them in the same order. 


Chair crunch: Imagine what a crunch/sit up would look like if you were sitting in a chair instead of with your back on the floor. Sit tall in your chair with your feet flat on the floor. Contract your abdominal muscles and slowly, with a straight back, start to bend your torso to your knees. When you feel the contraction in your abs, stop and hold for 3-5 seconds. Return to seated position.

Stand up in front of your chair. Sit back into a squat like you are sitting back down in your chair, keeping your weight on your heels and your knees behind your toes. When you are almost touching your chair with your butt, push yourself back to the standing position using your leg muscles.

Calf raises:
Stand in front of your desk and put your hands on the desk for balance. Lift yourself up onto the balls of your feet. Hold for 3 to 5 seconds, and then lower yourself back down to the floor.

Desk pushup:
Stand 4 to 5 feet away from your desk and put of your hands on the edge of the desk. Relax your lower body and using just your arms, lower your chest down toward the desk. Stop when your chest is about 3 to 6 inches away from it. Then push yourself back up to the starting position again using only your arms.

Seated triceps lift backs:
Sit tall in your chair. Put your arms down at your sides with your palms facing forward. With your arms strait and elbows locked, slowly bring your arms up behind you until you feel your triceps muscles tighten. Hold for 3 to 5 seconds, and then lower your arms back to the starting position.

Seated bicep curls: Sit tall in your chair. Start with one arm down at your side, palm facing forward in a fist. Put your other hand over your fist and push against it for resistance while bringing your fist up toward your shoulder. Once your fist is close to your shoulder, lower it back down to the starting position maintaining constant resistance with the other hand throughout the entire movement. Complete all repetitions for that set, then switch sides and repeat.


Stretching (to be done at the end of last set)The most important part of any exercise routine is to stretch. Stretching can be done at any point throughout your day and is good to keep the blood flowing, joints mobile and muscles lengthened. After completing all of your sets, sit in your chair. Bring your legs straight out in front of you. Keeping steady in your chair reach for your toes, holding for 10 seconds. Relax your legs. Next put your arms out to the sides, and then slowly out to the front, continuing until they cross over each other as far as they can, hold for 10 seconds. Reach your arms up above your head and hold for 10 seconds.

Always remember to drink plenty of water throughout your day to re-oxygenate your system and keep you from being dehydrated.