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    A disease is an abnormal condition that impairs bodily functions. Every disease causes specific symptoms and signs, although some diseases have similar symptoms. Diseases can be caused by internal or external factors. Internal factors include genetics, biology, or chemistry within the body. External factors include environment, what you put into your body, or things in the location or region where you live.  Illness can sometimes be considered a synonym for disease in that it refers to ill health or ailment causing a poor state of health. In present day we normally refer to any condition that causes pain as a disease. However pain can be caused by other things such as injury, illness, disability, infections, disorders, or syndromes.
With over 20,000 diseases diagnosed in the world today, prevention is a key deterrent of disease. The first step to prevention is proper nutrition. By maintaining our weight, eating right and making sure we don’t expose ourselves to harmful environmental toxins we can delay or possibly prevent the onset of disease. Being aware of our bodies, relevant signs and maintaining proper checkups will also help in deterring illness.

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