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Don't Be Intimidated By Working Out

February 26, 2011

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woman running for exercise, don't be afraid to exercise

Losing weight is a difficult process. It requires motivation, determination and will power. Starting anexercise routine can be intimidating, especially for people who have never worked out or are overweight or obese. When you are first starting to exercise you may be encompassed by feelings of fear, lack of confidence, hopelessness or negativity. Being afraid of looking stupid while exercising is a very common feeling. Additionally, most people who are obese have negative self-images of themselves, which causes a lack of confidence and feelings of hopelessness to lose weight.  These feelings can lead to a fear of trying something new, especially in regards to exercising, working out or playing sports.

            These feelings are very common and you should not be embarrassed by them. However, if you let these feelings take over you may psyche yourself out of starting to exercise, which further more inhibits your goals of losing weight. So acknowledge your feelings but don’t let them hinder your motivation and determination. First start by working out at home. This gives you private time to build up your confidence while exercising. It also allows you to learn proper form and techniques of specific exercises. As you continue to exercise you will start to lose weight and build strength. Exercise will become easier and your confidence will increase. 

                By joining a gym you can have access to additional exercise machines, classes and personal trainers who can assist you in your weight loss goals. However, working out in front of other people can be scary. It is common for first timers to feel stupid working out in front of others. Even though, a gym can be intimidating, you need to remember that everyone has a 1st time at the gym. The reason that people go to the gym is to workout. People are so concentrated on their own workout and progress that they don’t even notice you or the people surrounding them. Just remember to follow proper gym etiquette. If you still feel uncomfortable, go to the gym at less crowded times. Also consider bringing headphones, an IPod, mp3 player or magazines with you. This will allow you to focus on your workout and allow everything around you to fade away. Remember that the gym is a place for people to exercise. So even if you are new to the gym you are there just like everyone else to workout. 


             Almost everyone has these common feelings especially when first starting to workout. Obesity or excess weight can limit one’s ability to do specific exercises, which can be embarrassing. However, the objective of working out is to lose the weight. So as you continue on you will reach your weight loss goals and ultimately be able to move and exercise more easily. This will give you more confidence and motivation to continue on.