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   New Year’s resolutions normally revolve around starting or introducing exercise into your daily routine. Furthermore, everyday people promise themselves that they will start exercising.  What usually happens? They make excuses to start tomorrow or they start but stop after two or three days. Has this happened to you, or have you made promises to yourself to start exercising. Its not for the lack of trying or wanting to. Here are some simple tips to keep you on the right track to get yourself in shape.


1. Schedule Time for Exercise

These days, peoples schedules are so jammed packed busy that half the time we forget to stop to pee. You need to schedule time to exercise just like you schedule meetings, appointments, and pickups. Otherwise if you don’t actually schedule time to do it, it probably wont get done. Especially if you are someone who gives their schedule to their family or co-workers, putting time on the schedule to exercise will show others that that time is yours and you won’t be available for interruptions.  This time is for you and it’s on the schedule to get done.  Once you start you will feel a sense of accomplishment and want to continue with it.

2. Do something you enjoy

Most people think that exercising is a hassle and they don’t want to do it. Exercise doenst have to be something you do just because its good for you. It can be a stress reliever or something fun you like to do. NO one says you have go out and lift weights or run if you don’t like to do those things. When you exercise make it something you like to do, which will make you want to do it more likely. Otherwise you will put it off, or make excuses not to do it. Once you find something you like to do, put it on your schedule and make sure you do it.

3. Always warm up

Regardless of what type of exercise you decide upon, it is very important to warm up your muscles before using them. Stretching is an important technique to do before and after you exercise. By warming up you can prevent damage to the muscle and get your blood flowing. If you try to exercise without warming up, its more likely you injure yourself which will deter you from exercising down the road.  Warm up only has to be about 5 minutes and gets your heart pumping.

4. Mix it up

Exercising is like anything else in life, if you do the same thing over and over again you will become bored and tired of it. This makes it less likely that you will stick with it. Also its important when you are exercising to do different types of exercises to work different muscle groups. If you continually work the same muscle groups your body will become imbalanced. Plus when you become bored you tend to pay less attention to what you are doing and can cause yourself injury.  
Its recommended when working out to loss weight to do both cardio and weight training to not only decrease fat but tone muscle. So switch off days and don’t hesitate to try something new. For example if you run, instead play a game of soccer or tennis instead. Then go back to running the next day. This way you don’t get bored with your routine.

5.  Exercise to Energize

    Even though exercising is hard work and rather tiring it is very good for you body.  Even when you feel you’re too tired to exercise, your body will thank you afterwards. Because once you start exercising your body will rejoice and actually increase your metabolism which will give you more energy, after your workout and on a daily basis. Exercise actually releases endorphins into the blood stream which are “happy hormones”. That is why exercise can relieve stress and increase energy.

    Keep up with your exercise routine. Even if at first you don’t want to, you will notice a great change not only in your body but you will have more energy and be happier!