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fitness woman exercising with hand weights

One chronic problem that almost all women have dealt with once in their life is losing weight. It’s harder for women to maintain a healthy weight than men. For whatever reasons we women come up with, losing weight and staying fit is a daily struggle. Motivation, busy schedules, and low self-confidence are just some of the excuses that women use to avoid exercise. Well its time to stop the excuses. Its time to become a fitness woman. Use these tips to get yourself started and stay motivated.

1.There are tons of exercise and fitness programs out on the market. It doesn’t mean that each program will be right for you. Every woman is different therefore not every program will suit you best. Try multiple programs to see which one fits you best. You will know if a program is not for you because you will become frustrated or you may become injured from it. Remember always consult your trainer before starting a program especially if you have past injuries or surgeries. It’s important to customize your workout program to your physical needs and not the other way around. If your program is too physically demanding, you won’t want to stick with it.

2. Set realistic goals. Most people set ridiculous goals that they can never reach and then get discouraged when they don’t meet it. If it only took a week or even just a month to re-shape your body, everyone would be physically fit. Set realistic goals that are achievable.
Be aware of obstacles you may encounter throughout your day that can side track your goals.

3. Exercises should work on the parts of your body where muscles are located. The reason mainly is, when you develop muscles, you burn more calories and then you lessen the fats in your body. A combination of cardio and weight lifting is recommended to burn calories and build muscle. Figure out which exercises work best on specific areas that you want to work on. Multi-joint exercises are also said to be effective but time saving.

4. To build muscle it is necessary to make your muscles work harder over time. Repetitive exercises with no change in weight will only maintain the muscle and you will not see the results you expect. Recording your results daily or weekly will show the progression of change over time. This will keep you motivated to continue along your program.

5. Perform your exercises in sets and repetition. Start with low weights, low repetitions and low sets. Then build upon all three. Remember when you are doing repetitions you do not want to use momentum to do the next rep, you want to use your muscle strength. The best repetition range to build muscle is 12-15 reps. Start low and build to this range. Remember to allow up to 60 seconds in between sets and as it becomes easier decrease the wait time.
6. What happens when you do the same exercise over and over again? We get bored, our motivation decreases, and our muscles are maintained and not build. That is why it’s important to vary your exercises. By doing a variety of exercises you will work on all the muscle groups and not just the larger muscles individually. Once you reach your goals or exercises become easier, its time to change your exercises, goals, sets or repetitions. Changing things up will prevent you from becoming bored, losing energy, or motivation and continue to become healthy.

7. Stay motivated. The easy thing for someone to do once they have started a fitness program is to quit or stop. It’s harder to have the motivation to start or even to continue with it. It you become bored or tired of your program you will lose your energy.  Keep your energy high so you will want to continue with your program.

Not all programs work for everyone. There is no workout that is best for everyone.
Remember to keep yourself motivated and implement variety. There isn’t just one thing that will work for you. You may have to incorporate several different parts of different programs. Remember you have to increase the output of your muscles each day to increase muscle mass and decrease fat. Keep your energy up. It takes hard work but will pay off in the end!