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Use These Products to Tame Your Frizzy Mane

February 11, 2012

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Fighting frizz is not an easy task. Hair care is a billion dollar industry, with tons of products available to reduce frizz. But how do you determine what product is best to use and will it even work? For many they spend big bucks but see little results and are still left with frizzy hair. So the next time you are looking for a product to help with your frizzy hair choose from these products that should all do the trick. Now it just depends on which one of these eight you will choose from.

1. Pomade

For people with curly hair pomade will reduce frizz and stabilize curls. Pomades have some oil with a low level of hold. Some pomades can be heavy so look for lighter versions or add a little water to a small portion before applying it to your hair. Lightly finger comb the pomade through your curls but avoid touching your scalp, so your hair doesn’t look greasy.


2. Deep conditioner

Chemical damage from perms, bleach, or coloring your hair can cause it to be dry and frizzy. Dry hair tends to be porous, which allows hair to suck up moisture in the air. Excess moisture causes the shaft of your hair to swell making it look frizzy. Use a deep conditioner each time you wash your hair except fine hair. Leave it on your hair for 5 minutes to coat the hair shaft.


3. Hair Mask

To revive dry, damaged, frizzy hair use a weekly hair mask. Home remedy hair masks are just as effective as name brand products. Hair masks are intensive moisturizing treatments that penetrate deep into hair to rescue dehydrated hair. Many home remedies include ingredients such as mayonnaise, eggs, olive oil and avocados. Apply hair mask to hair and leave for 30 minutes. You can wrap your hair in a towel on top of your head to allow the mask to penetrate deeper into the hair. Rinse out and shampoo and condition normally. Your hair will be smooth and shiny and frizz will be greatly reduced.


4. Silicone Serum

To tame frizz apply a silicone serum to your hair. Silicone serums are pure clear silicone that coats and smoothes the cuticle of each strand of hair. In addition to reducing frizz, it adds shine and is especially effective on coarse hair. Put a dime size drop of serum in hands and apply to the ends of hair, up to the roots. Or use a wide tooth to distribute through hair. It can also be known as polishing serum or anti frizz serum.

5. Hot Oil treatment

To further prevent frizzy hair, use a hot oil treatment. This can be done weekly, and isn’t as heavy as a hair mask. Choose one with jojoba oil to strengthen the hairs cuticle. Apply below the ears to avoid flattening the crown of your hair.


6. Alcohol free products

Many hair products contain alcohol as an emulsifier to combine water and oil. However alcohol can dry out hair making it frizzy. Hairspray and mousse have the highest alcohol content, which leads to frizzing hair. Look for alcohol free products wherever you can.


7. Protein in conditioner

Frizzy hair tends to be dry and damaged. To repair breakage use a protein enriched conditioner. Protein infused conditioners penetrates and rebuild broken protein bonds in hair. This reduces breakage, snapping and tearing. It also adds shine, smoothness and silkiness while managing frizz. 


8. Shine Spray

It always seems that fly aways and frizz appear in the afternoon. To avoid this from happening lightly mist with a shine spray on detangling spray. This will smooth down frizz and is very lightweight which avoids making hair oily or greasy.

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