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Healthy Spices for Everyday Cooking

September 24, 2010

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healthy herbs and spices

Eastern culture has been using spices in their food for hundreds of years. Spices not only add flavor to your foods but they also have a secondary health affects. These spices have kept the Eastern cultures healthier and living longer. By adding spices to your food you can enhance digestion and assimilation, cleanse the body from toxins, and heal cells, tissues and organs.

Ginger and lemon enhances the digestion process. Chewing on fennel seeds after a meal aids in digestion and will freshen your breath naturally. Cumin, a spice with a long history throughout the Middle East and the Mediterranean, has healing properties because it contains iron. Iron helps to maintain a healthy immune system. Iron is also the key for red blood cells to deliver oxygen to the whole body. Cumin also aids in digestion by stimulating enzymes to break down food and cleanses the liver of waste products. Here are 6 key spices that have numerous health benefits and will make your food taste great!

Stomachic, diuretic, carminative, stimulant, astringent, emmenagogic (promotes the menstrual flow), antispasmodic, dyspepsis (indigestion), diarrhea, hoarseness, flatulence, colic, increase lactation, reduce nausea in pregnancy, decrease effects from carpal tunnel syndrome

Stimulate the appetite, relieve flatulence and colic, cure rheumatism, mild diuretic, local anesthetic


Stimlant, carminative, digestant, stomach soother, prevents infections, kills bacteria and fungi, anti-inflammatory


Digestive aid, relieves gas pains, diarrhea, stomach cramping, nausea, motion sickness, pain, reduces inflammation associated with arthritis, rheumatism and muscle spasm, increases blood circulation, removes toxins, cleanses bowels & kidneys, nourishes skin, treats asthma, bronchitis, respiratory problems

Wash for eyestrain & irritation, snake bite remedy, carminative, weak diuretic, mild stimulant, stimulate lactation, relieves hunger, choleretic (increase in production of bile), pain-reducing, fever-reducing, anti-microbial, reduces yellow jaundice, gout, & cramps


Mild digestive, stimulant, carminative (relieving gas and flatulence), antiseptic