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Higher cholesterol levels has increased in people over the last 20 years drastically. This is causally related to the types of foods we eat and the amount of exercise we don’t get. Doctors prescribe drugs for most people who have high cholesterol. Prescription drugs do help in lowering cholesterol however the problem is the short and long term side effects of these medications. There are other ways to decrease cholesterol without taking drugs, but more often than not people want the quick fix instead of working at it.

     It is important to get your cholesterol checked yearly. Your life is at risk by not doing anything about high cholesterol. Over time high cholesterol can lead to heart attacks, atherosclerosis or stroke.  These are serious life threatening conditions that can be triggered by high cholesterol. 

    To get your cholesterol in check you can make some lifestyle changes by adding or removing things to your diet and daily routine. These methods will help lower your cholesterol naturally without using any prescription medication and will help improve the quality and health of your life. These steps include eating right, exercising, relaxing, and quit smoking.

    The first thing you should do when you find out that your cholesterol levels are high is talk to your doctor. Depending upon your age and how high your cholesterol level is will determine which route the doctor will recommend for you. However, remember there are always additional options if you don’t like what your doctor recommends. Although, recently many doctors have shifted their paradigms from prescribing medication to more natural ways of relieving and curing symptoms. Therefore depending upon the doctor that you choose to see, they may help you to form a diet and exercise plan that fits your needs. Additionally, if you do decide to take prescribed medication make sure you consult your doctor before stopping current medication regiments.

    The easiest way to lower cholesterol is to eat right. I know there are a lot of temptations out there to eat unhealthy foods however in this instance it is important to keep on the right track. A low fat and low cholesterol diet is the first step to lowering cholesterol. Make a list of the good healthy foods that will help you lower your cholesterol that way you know what you can’t eat. Eating unhealthy foods like sweets every once and a while will not hurt you as long as you don’t do this daily. Don’t starve yourself either, as your body will go into starvation mode and hold on to the fats.

    Add exercise into your daily routine. Increasing aerobic exercise will improve cardiovascular health. Exercise will help reverse the effects of high cholesterol and help to maintain heart health. Exercise will help strengthen your body and improve your circulatory system.

    If you smoke, you already know that it is bad for you. Everyone knows that smoking cigarettes is bad for the body. Plague from high cholesterol builds up in the arteries in the body. By smoking we are accelerating the process of plague build up. When blood flow is blocked by plaque the heart has to work harder to get oxygen to the entire body.  Smoking also removes the oxygen from the blood stream. These two things in conjunction can lead to a heart attack. A complete blockage from plaque can cause a stroke. Furthermore, smoking has several other terrible side effects and health issues such as causing cancer. So the need to quit smoking is immediate and imperative.

    Stress is another factor that can affect the heart. When we are stressed out our arteries contract making the heartbeat faster and work harder and our blood pressure increases. If you already have plague build up in the arteries, the stress can lead to a stroke. It’s important to relax and try to reduce stress in your life wherever possible. If you are already trying to reduce your cholesterol and you have a stressful life you may not see any results. This is why its important to add relaxation into your life because stress is one of those factors that can maintain high cholesterol.

You can lower your cholesterol with diet and exercise, and under the care of your doctor, see about removing drugs from the process. It does not take long to see significant improvements in your cholesterol. Lower cholesterol can be yours in just a matter of weeks. Keep up with your changes. These steps can help you maintain your cholesterol and help you live a happier, healthier life.

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