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Keep Your Metabolism Going Long After Your Workout
October 5, 2014

When we exercise our metabolism kicks into overdrive to burn more calories. Our metabolism includes everything that your body does to convert food into energy and keeps the body functioning. When we exercise our metabolism is at its peak, creating and using energy more efficiently. Depending upon what type of workout you do will determine how long your metabolism will stay at peak after you stop working out. But there are ways to trick your metabolism into staying strong all day even after you have stopped exercising.

After we stop exercising the bodies processes slow down and return to a normal baseline (everyone is different). This means the body burns way less calories at rest than it does during times of physical activity. But if your metabolism stayed at a higher rate, then you would burn more calories throughout the day.  The way to keep your metabolism high after you workout, involve the first moments immediately after exercise. By eating 20-30grams of protein, preferably whey protein, immediately after your workout, you can trick your metabolism into continually working harder throughout the day.

Protein takes more energy for the body to digest and absorb than any other food. You actually burn some of the protein calories you are consuming just by eating and digesting it. The metabolism stays in high gear after eating protein so it is able to digest and absorb the nutrients. Protein is also essential to build muscle. Leaner muscle mass means higher metabolism since muscle tissue burns more calories at rest than fat does.  Whey protein, most typically seen in protein powder, is one of the most easily absorbed types of protein, therefore consuming it after physical activity will guarantee your metabolism stays up for the rest of the day.

The types of exercise you perform also determine your metabolic rate after working out. High intensity workouts will burn more calories during your workout, while interval training will not only burn tons of calories during your workout but will keep you burning long after you have quit. Interval training involves maximum intensity for a short interval followed by an interval of rest. This is continued throughout the workout to maximize your benefits. Couple your interval fitness session with a protein-rich snack afterwards and your metabolism will keep you burning throughout your entire day.