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   The first self help book was published in the late 1800’s but the self-help movement didn’t start until the 20th century. Self-improvement is self guided improvement of oneself economically, intellectually, or emotionally. Self help tools come in all shapes and sizes. Tools can be physical as in books, massage, and painting, or spiritual such as meditation, Reiki, and flower essences. Self help techniques help soothe the mind, body and spirit.  Five totally different self-help techniques include meditation, painting, vibrational essences, journaling, and massage. Different techniques work for different people. Its best to try some techniques and choose which ones work best for you.

   Meditation techniques are a fabulous self-help tool, which greatly benefits overall health and wellbeing.  Meditation is an alternative and holistic medicine where the person attempts to transcend to a deeper state of relaxation, or awareness. There are several disciplines of meditation that have a wide variety of goals. These Goals are spiritual in nature such as achieving a higher state of consciousness, or having greater focus, or relaxing the mind. There are many meditation techniques to choose from such as guided meditation, breathing meditation, walking meditation, crystal meditation, body scanning, etc.

   Painting is an art, which taps into the minds creative centers to create a palette of colors, which display a scene from painter’s imagination. There are a wide variety of different paints to use such as watercolors, pastels, or oil paints. A painter expresses his or her uniqueness through the picture they paint. Painting can also be a helpful tool to explore one’s need for inner healing.

    Although less known than the other techniques, vibrational essences are holistic in nature. Vibrational essences are used in the removal of emotional blocks and patterns. They assist in the healing process resolve the issues from the past.  Essences normally come in a liquid form such as oils. Flower essences are most common essences. Vibrational substances come from light such as the sun or moon, healing energy, plants, minerals, animal or environmental. Examples include flower, gems, angel, shell, coral, sea, goddess, and chakra.

    As young kids we are encouraged to keep a journal to write down our thoughts, dreams, and desires. However, most often than not we stop journaling as we get older. But journaling is a great tool. Journaling is a way to express one’s self especially in times when one can’t physically. Journaling is very therapeutic especially in times of emotional turmoil. People express themselves in many ways but with journaling it’s all about you. There is no one there to tell you can’t and don’t. Make your journal yours, by designing it to your specifications and using pens or markers that suit your desire. Your journal is a place for you to connect to your true spirit.

    When most people think about having a massage, they think relaxation or light fluffy massage. Modern massage is not that. Therapeutic massage focuses on the soft tissues of the body to reduce muscle spasms, pain and inflammation, reduce nerve compression, decrease myofascial trigger points, increase range of motion and joint flexibility. There are many types of massages out there and many of them concentrate on healing benefits for the body. Not only does a massage benefit the physical body but it allows the mind and spirit to relax as well. In our hectic lives our mind rarely has time to shut down and recoup.

    It is important to improve oneself on a daily basis.  Use the techniques that work best for you, don’t be forced to use a self-help technique that you don’t like or that you wont stick to. It is important that the techniques you use actually help you and you feel the benefits from them. You should like to do it therefore you know it is beneficial to you.