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Why You Should Use A Personal Trainer To Lose Weight

June 1, 2011

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Do you want to lose weight? Want to join a gym? Well here’s an option for you- consider hiring a personal trainer. Many people are intimidated by personal trainers because they are in great shape, know all about exercising and have great strength and form. For those who are just beginning to exercise or have never been to a gym, they don’t want to look stupid in front of these knowledgeable, experienced and buff people. However, personal trainers could be the best thing for you. Personal trainers know what exercises are best for losing weight, building muscle, increasing flexibility and endurance, they know how many repetitions and sets should be done for each exercise and they know just how hard to push a person to really get them to work hard.

            Some people think that personal trainers are only for the rich and famous. But that’s not true, personal trainers are available for everyone. Personal trainers are a great resource for anyone who is trying to lose weight and get into shape. Most gyms offer their members the experience of a personal trainer at a price. Plus there are personal trainers who workout of their homes or will come to your home too. Yes, just like anything else in this life, they do cost money, but hiring a personal trainer is a great way to customize your weight loss to your specific goals and needs.

            Personal trainers are highly skilled and educated in losing weight, strengthening muscles, building flexibility, improving endurance and exercising. They are required to study the physiology, and dynamics of body movement, learn and experience specific exercises and exercise equipment. Train and develop specific workout routines and finally are tested to determine their ability to become a licensed personal trainer. It’s not all about looking good or having big muscles, they need the knowledge behind it as well.

            For many newbie’s they go into exercising blindly, hoping that they will lose weight quickly and keep it off. And if they don’t see the results they quit without a second thought. With a personal trainer before you even start working out preliminary tests are done to determine beginning weight, body fat, and BMI. They talk to you about specific goals, how much weight you want to lose, if you are looking to improve in specific areas and what you want your overall outcome to be. Lastly the test your beginning strength, how much weight you can lift, and how many repetitions you can do to determine where your starting point is. Once your trainer has all of this information they can write out a specialized fitness plan designed to get you to your goals in a reasonable amount of time. Personal trainers know just want exercises will help each problem area and just how many repetitions and sets should be done. They know when to do supersets and when to alternate days for specific body parts. Plus because of their knowledge and experience they know just how hard to push someone to do the work and they know when someone isn’t working hard enough. Additionally personal trainers have knowledge about nutrition and dietary needs. They can provide you with this information to further help you to your goals.

            Deciding to use a personal trainer can be scary or nerve wracking. For overweight people who are self-conscience and insecure, approaching personal trainers who are in such good shape compared to themselves is a nightmare. Little knowledge about exercise, gym equipment, form and strength can also be a deterrent. Gender is also a major concern for many people. Most men don’t want a female personal trainer because they don’t think she will work them out enough or they have insecurities around females. And most women don’t want a male personal trainer because men with huge muscles are intimidating and women don’t want to look shy or meek or sweaty in front of a man. However there is a select group of women who prefer male personal trainers because they think that a male trainer will work them out harder than a female. Ultimately it comes down to choosing a personal trainer you feel comfortable with. Before deciding meet all the personal trainers at your gym or chat with your local trainers on the phone or over coffee. Ask them questions about how they like to work, whether they prefer using equipment, weights or your own body weight. Ask them how fast they like to see results and what they would do if you didn’t see results as quick as you would like. Then choose the trainer you felt most comfortable with. This way you won’t feel insecure or scared when you go to work out with them. You will feel confident that your trainer is getting you on the right track to success. And ultimately you will see the difference as you lose weight and feel great.