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Natural Treatments to Prevent Cracked Lips

November 28, 2010

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honey to prevent chapped lips

          Why do our lips become chapped? The main reason that our lips become chapped is due to moisture loss. The lips are a very sensitive, thin layer of skin that is susceptible to the damages from the outside environment. The lips have a very thin layer of natural oil that protects it from injury. However, this layer of protection is easily removed, damaged or lacking which causes infection, cracking, bleeding or swelling. Chapped lips are very unappealing but can also be painful and tender if swollen or bleeding. The best way to reduce chapped lips is to restore moisture to the lips as quickly as possible. Keeping lip balms, and lip moisturizers on hand are ideal to eliminate chapped or dry lips. Here are some natural ways to keep your lips moist and beautiful!

1.     Oil based lip balms and lip creams are best to restore and hold moisture into the lips. Next time you buy Chap Stick make sure it has an oil base.

2.     Cocoa butter, shea butter and ghee are all three natural butters that moisten the lips and revive them back to life. The skin easily absorbs these oils to rejuvenate dried cells.

3.     Honey is a natural humectant, which allows the lips and skin to maintain moisture. It is a great antioxidant and will keep the lips from drying out

4.   Petroleum or beeswax lip balm can be applied to the lips to create a protectant layer that keeps moisture in and dryness out.

5.   Use sunscreen. Excessive sun will remove the moisture from skin and lips. Wearing a lip balm or lipstick with sunscreen will reduce the moisture that is lost from the lips.

6.     Mix cream of milk with a few drops of rose water and limejuice. This will exfoliate dead skin cells and moisturize the dryness of chapped lips.

7.     Mix vegetable glycerin with vitamin E to nourish the lips and create a barrier against the environment.

8.     Papaya is a natural exfoliant. Mash a ripe papaya into a paste and apply to the lips for 15 minutes. Rinse off the lips and apply a moisturizer.

9.     Use a humidifier in your house. This keeps cold and dry air away during the winter months. It keeps the air moist, which will keep lips from drying out and becoming chapped.

10.     Keep your body hydrated. By constantly replenishing the body with water and fluids, you can keep from becoming dehydrated, especially your lips.

11.  Avoid irritants and allergens, which can cause an allergic reaction. Fragrances and dyes are normal causes of such irritation.

12.  Nutritional deficiencies can be the cause of persistent chapped lips. A lack of vitamin B and iron can the cause. Take a multivitamin to maintain  proper levels of essential nutrients in the body.

13.  If you drool at night, it can cause your lips to dry out and become chapped. Apply zinc oxide ointment on the lips before you go to bed at night. This will protect the lips from drying out while you sleep.

14.  If you get stranded without any treatment for your chapped lips, rub your finger along the side of your face. It will pick up natural oils that your skin produces to protect the skin. You can apply this directly onto the lips to restore and protect your lips until you can use one of the other natural treatments. The skin produces more natural oil than the lips and will replace the oil overtime throughout the day.