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Real World Cold Cures That Work

December 30, 2014

There are natural and homemade remedies for just about every disease and condition out there.  Home remedies date back to thousands of years ago and almost every country in the world.  Such home remedies contain bark, twigs, extracts, herbs, seeds and almost any component of plants.  These natural home remedies are still in existence today but do they actually work? Or is it just tradition and superstition that make us continue to use these family home remedies.

Drinking Hot Tea with Honey

When you have a cold congestion, sore throat are just two symptoms that can occur. Drinking hot tea with honey is a definite help to soothe your cold symptoms. The hot tea will not only keep you hydrated which will help to flush out germs, and the honey and warmth of the tea will soothe a sore throat. Honey also provides the body with natural antioxidants which can help to fight free radicals in the body which can be enabling you from getting better.

Chicken soup

Chicken soup, especially homemade chicken soup (not store bought or canned) can provide the body with much needed protein and energy for which the body needs to get better. The warmth of the chicken soup not only soothes a sore throat, but provides the body with hydration and eases congestion. Studies have shown that chicken soup has an anti-inflammatory effect helping to cut down the time you are sick.

Sinus Rinsing

Sinus rinsing also known as using a neti pot, helps to flush out the nasal passages where the cold and flu germs reside.  This helps to relieve congestion by keeping the mucus moving out of the body. Always use distilled or sterilized water to prevent introducing more germs into the nasal passages.


Taking a hot shower, breathing in steam from hot water or sitting in a steam room will help to loosen up congestion. This will keep you moisturized and clear out your sinus passages.  Steam from hot water will also help loosen phlegm and soothe your cough.