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How to Reduce Frizzy Hair
September 10, 2013
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Do you want to learn how to reduce frizzy hair? Frizzing hair can turn a good hair day into a bad one. So why does hair frizz? Dry brittle hair causes frizziness because moisture and natural oils have been stripped from the hair follicles. When hair is dehydrated it becomes brittle and is more easily damaged. Learn how to reduce frizzy hair so you can get the smooth, sleek locks that you want.

                To understand how to reduce frizzy hair, you first need to know why does hair frizz. On the outer layer of each hair strand is the cuticle. This layer can be compared to shingles on a roof. Unfortunately there are certain things in our daily lives that can cause the cuticle to open which allows moisture and oils to get out. Without moisture and our natural oils to protect the inner shaft of hair, it dries out becomes dehydrated and brittle and causes frizziness.

                Although genetics can cause someone to have naturally coarse or dry hair due to a lack of protein, it is more likely that ones frizziness is caused by something else. The number of times you wash your hair, how you treat your hair, the length of your hair, the styling products and tools you use and the weather all factor into whether your hair will be frizzy. How to reduce frizzy hair is simple. Objectively frizziness stems from a lack of moisture and protective oils. So to fix it, you need to add moisture back into your hair.

                Good quality conditioners with protein will help to moisturize the inner shaft of a hair strand. Remember to rinse with cool or cold water before leaving the shower to close the cuticles. Squeeze out excess water from hair, do not rub hair with a towel, this will open the cuticle back up. Don’t brush hair after showering, use your fingers to comb thru your hair and apply a leave in conditioner. If you have to use a heating tool remember to use a heat protecting product beforehand. And if you must use a hair product, always choose an anti-frizz cream, lotion, or serum. To repair any damage from dry, brittle hair use a deep conditioning mask or hot oil treatment once a week, to rehydrate and moisturize hair. Remember to cut your hair regularly to avoid split ends which can lead to further hair damage.

                So there you have it, how to reduce frizzy hair by adding the moisture back into your hair. That’s what it needs and desires. You will have sleeker, smoother, silkier hair in no time.

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