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Want to lose weight? Want to start working out? Do you need to eat healthier? Most people that are looking to start a fitness program or healthier diet don’t know where to begin. Unfortunately, they just start with no plan or goal in mind, which will eventually lead them to stop or quit. Has this happened to you? Regrettably this causes the person to get discouraged making them less likely to try again. 

Usually, people know that they have to change, know that they have to do something to lose weight or become healthier. The problem arises on how to incorporate fitness into their daily lives, where to begin.  Plus there are obstacles that get in our way such as the fast food, empty calorie junk food and sweets that temp us on a daily basis. Also jobs now a days are more sedentary than they were 100 years ago and people don’t have an active lifestyle. This poses a problem when trying to start a fitness plan; people don’t know where to start.

Here are some simple steps to get you on the right path to exercising and eating right. Remember always consult your doctor if you have conditions that may be altered due to changing your diet or exercising.

Make the Choice
Only you can make the choice to change your life, start exercising and eating right. No one can make that choice for you. Once to make the decision in your mind, you are allowing yourself to commit to making a change. In your mind you know that you are ready to start. Answer these questions: when can I work out? What should I be eating? What areas do I want to work on? What exercises do I need to do? By committing in your mind to choosing your health, you can take the steps necessary to move forward in your life.  

Write Down What You Do

Write down everything you do in your day, this is your daily plan. This will allow you to see where you have available time to add in exercise. Writing down your schedule also allows you to visualize your goals.  Most people usually set unrealistic goals and get discouraged when they don’t meet them.  Changing your lifestyle takes time. You can’t expect change to happen overnight. Therefore by writing down when you will workout and what you will do, it will reinforce the actual activity of working out.  

Research and Get Information
If you are not used to working out or how to change your diet, do some research. Since we live in the age of the Internet it is easy to access tons of information on the web. Although you don’t want to overload yourself with different exercises and nutritional tips.  Pick the simplest tips that you can easily implement into your routine. If you have questions about diet or nutrition seek out the advice of a nutritionist or medical doctor.
If you haven’t worked out in a really long time, you may want to hire a personal trainer for a couple sessions. The personal trainer cannot only direct you on the right path for fitness but they can give you tons of information on exercises and nutrition. Your personal trainer will also make sure you are doing the exercises correctly and will push you to give it your all.

Set Realistic Goals

Set simple goals. Especially if you are just getting back into exercising. If you overload yourself you are setting yourself out for disaster. Remember in the beginning that you need to start out small and build up. Don’t expect yourself to be doing excessively hard workouts right away. You have more risk of injuring yourself or quitting if you start out to hard or heavy too fast.
Start your workouts by walking or running for 30 minutes. Then after a week add in some weight training every other day.  Replace one of your meals a day with a salad. Replace soda with water. Remember the simpler your changes fit into your daily life the easier it is to keep those changes later on.

Execute Your Plan
Ok your program is in place. Now all you need to do is follow through. This is huge, because it’s easy for someone to get to this point and just decide not to do it. Everyday look at your plan and mentally prepare for your schedule. Once you done your workout cross it off your schedule so you know you have accomplished your goal for the day. This will be rewarding when you see it, because you know you actually did it.

Try these 5 steps. Remember keep everything as simple as possible. Once it gets complicated it’s easier to just say, “forget it” than it is to keep on track and continue. But in the end changing your lifestyle is the most rewarding part.