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Why Swimming is the Best Workout for Your Entire Body
August 26, 2013

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woman swimming for exercise

Want a workout that will burn a ton of calories and workout every muscle in your body? Then head to the pool or your nearest body of water. We’re talking about swimming.  It’s no wonder that swimmers have long, lean bodies.

                Swimming not only burns calories and boosts your metabolism; it requires every muscle in your body to work. Water is denser than air, therefore when you swim you are pushing against the resistance of the water which requires your body to recruit more muscle fibers to move. This is how you build muscle, and muscle burns more than double the amount of calories at rest than fat does, so this is how it boosts metabolism. So even after you’re done swimming you are still burning calories. Plus swimming isn’t as hard on your body as some other exercises such as running or strength training. For example when you run the momentum of moving forward plus gravity increases the force coming down on your knees and ankles.  Overtime this puts stress on your joints and can lead to injuries.  Whereas with swimming, when you get into the water, gravity is neutralized. When immersed in water you become virtually weightless, so no stress on your joints.

                In addition, swimming can positively impact blood pressure, cholesterol, cardiovascular performance, the central nervous system, and cognitive function.

                You don’t have to be a professional to swim. Newbie’s to swimming will need time to adjust their breathing and the body will have to get used to every muscle working together as a team with the cardiovascular system.  Just like other workout routines, swimming requires work and rest intervals, and different strokes and intensities.  By varying your strokes, drills and intensities you will get a better workout.

                So if you are looking for a workout that’s going to burn calories, build muscle and trim your entire body, start swimming.