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The Perfect Tan

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woman tanning on the beach, how to get the perfect tan

   Most people want a nice brown, even tan on their skin. Then again, who has the time to spend out in the sun each day to get the perfect tan? So instead people use tanning beds as a quick, cheap alternative. However, doctors have exposed the truth about the harmful effects that tanning beds can have on the skin and body. So the tanning companies have come up with creams, lotions and sprays that work just as effectively as the beds without the harmful effects.

   The product that is gaining the most popularity is the self tanning spray. This product is easy to use by spraying the skin evenly and allowing the tan to dry. Tanning products contain a chemical called dihydroxyacetone (DHA). This chemical acts an agent that triggers the amino acids in the skin to produce a great tan. Tanning products has been recognized by many as safe and effective. Applying a tanning spray is pretty easy, but there are some things that you need to know to achieve that perfect even tan.

Prepare your skin
   Before you apply a tanning spray, make sure that your skin can handle the formulation. Read the instructions carefully and then apply a small amount of the spray on your body and wait for any allergic reactions or discoloration. In this way you can check the quality of the tanning spray and you reduce the risk of hurting your skin.

   It is best that you remove all the dead skin cells in your body so that the spray will be more effective. The reason for this is that tanning sprays usually stick to the outer layer of your skin. So if your dead skin cells get sprayed and then fall off your tan will not last a long time. Aside from this, healthy skin cells are very receptive to the tanning sprays and would hold them longer. Scrub your whole body using a loofah and make sure that you exfoliate your whole body especially the exposed parts.

   Aside from scrubbing your body, be sure to apply a moisturizer a few hours before you apply your tanning spray. This softens your skin and it becomes more receptive, therefore making your tan last longer and absorbing it better.

   Wear dark clothing when you apply the tanning spray so that the spray will not discolor them. Make sure that you wear a pair of gloves to avoid discoloration on your hands.

   When you start spraying your body be sure to apply the tanning spray evenly. Prepare a towel or tissue to wipe off drips and make sure that you apply the spray in covered areas like the back of your ears to achieve an even color.

   Make sure that you have evenly applied the spray, and make necessary adjustments if you find any discoloration. Stand still for about a minute to avoid dripping and uneven application. It is crucial that you do not move especially your joints since these areas can easily remove the application. Be sure to follow the instructions given in your kit and do not forget to apply a sunscreen when you go outside. Most tanning sprays contain a sunscreen protection formula but it is best to apply it separately to ensure safety.