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Workout at Home While Watching TV

September 16, 2010

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Every person who vows that they will start a fitness routine incorporates exercise into their program. Exercise is very important to losing weight, building muscle and becoming a healthier person. However, most people have a problem finding time to squeeze in exercise into their daily schedule. You would think that will all the hours that people work, then come home and watch TV daily, that people would find some time to implement some type of workout.

Unfortunately, this type of living is what causes people to become overweight. Most of the jobs out there today involve sedentary, computer work. Not only are people required to sit all day at work but also when people come home they sit in front of the TV for the rest of their free time and eat.  Most people realize after they have put on 20-30 pounds that this type of lifestyle is unhealthy and will eventually lead to heart disease, or other health problems and eventually death.

            Deciding to change is just the first step. Now it is time to eat healthier and workout. Eating healthy is a conscious choice that people make. Instead of eating out, cook at home. Avoid fast food, junk food and processed food. These foods lead to increased fat within the body. Incorporate fruits and vegetables as well as lean proteins into your daily diet. This will decrease weight, increase metabolism and build muscle.

            All that’s left is to find time everyday to workout. Most people will decide to workout in the morning before they go to work or in the evening after they come home from work. However, if you took all the time that Americans spent watching TV on a daily basis and instead worked out, our society would be very fit. Unfortunately, that’s not the case and people, Americans especially love their TV and many refuse to give it up. So if you can’t live without the TV, why not workout with the TV? What an ingenious idea.

Most people would put up a fight, not wanting to interrupt their precious time while watching TV. However, this may be your best bet to fit in time to work out. It is recommended to get daily exercise for at least 30 minutes. Exercise can mean anything from running, walking, jogging, weight lifting, stretching, or yoga as long as you are increasing your heart rate. By increasing your heart rate, you will increase the energy output that the body needs and therefore the body will burn more calories to reach this output. This is how working out causes you to lose weight.

Because TV is so engrained in the American lifestyle, people may be skeptical on how they are going to workout while watching their favorite TV shows, especially if they don’t have any gym equipment at home. What most people don't know is that they can break up their workout into 3, 10-minute sessions or even 6, 5-minutes sessions. This is perfect for those people who don' t want to interrupt their TV experience. Most people don't watch commercials anyway. So take this time to do some push ups, sit-ups or even lift lightweights. Make sure to increase your heart rate to get the most out of each set. The objective is to exhaust the muscle groups that you are using. That way you can rest in between each set of exercise you do.

Not only are you getting your workout while watching your favorite show, but also at the same time you are keeping your mind active and alert. Usually our brains shut down while watching TV because there is nothing to think about. TV gives you everything you need, there is nothing to think about, so our brain function ceases and we sit idly just watching the screen. Working out, although not very thought provoking keeps the mind alert as it continuously fires synapses to each muscle group that you are working out. Therefore keeping your mind active and healthy.